Virtual Studio "FOCUS" is a hardware and software system (computer-based PC architecture with the operating system MS Windows), providing input, processing, generation and output audio and video data in different formats, depending on the chosen configuration. 
Studio "FOCUS" is used as a basis for generating the output image real-time rendering of the 3D graphics with the simultaneous incorporation of a variety of video streams as textures into virtual 3D scenes (used as "live" on-line sources and archive file). The output image is generated by setting an unlimited number of arbitrary positions, and parameters of "virtual cameras" that may be animated and real-time switch. The technologies of work with three-dimensional scenes pre-rendered by off-line software are suppurted (to overcome the quality limitations of real-time rendering of 3D scenes). 
For each input video channel the built-in keying (rear-projection) with color correction and de-interleysing are supported. Focus provides configuration of audio mixing and audio delay for all sources. 
Depending on the complectation and software configuration studio "FOCUS" can work with 2-6 input channels format HD (1080i / 720p) and / or 2-12 channels format SD (576i / 480i). Optionally, it is possible to input video signals of arbitrary sizes (up to 4K). Possible to build a custom arbitrary (hybrid) configurations, with appropriate restrictions on the number of simultaneous input channels, depending on the overall performance of the system used. 
Technical specifications on the input-output signals to manufacturer IOCs used in the studio.

New to the family - the opportunity to purchase a software solution and assemble the system yourself! Especially true for owners of high performance workstations with IO boards production SoftLab-NSK and BlackMagic Design - you can turn them into a professional virtual studio using only the purchase of software licenses. A set of components allows the construction of a variety of configurations to meet all kinds of requirements. As before, delivery as “turnkey” systems is possible, as custom solutions also (stereo, multichannel, with the support of the original equipment, etc.).

Detailed information can be found in the document "Hardware configurations" here.



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